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In these times when many of us are spending longer indoors, finding enjoyable things to do that don’t need screens or electricity is a real bonus. With calligraphy, all you require is paper and a pen set from Kalligraphy Pro. You don’t have to be a pro to use our products. We provide professional quality pens, inks, and accessories to help novices and experienced calligraphers alike find relaxation, entertainment, and a creative outlet at an affordable price.


Lose yourself writing beautiful notes or letters to friends or family you’ve been separated from for a while. Doodle with pink ink. Design in red. You could even try crafting the most beautiful shopping list you’ve ever written (don’t forget the eggs!) No matter what the style of your normal handwriting, Kalligraphy Pro can open up a whole new world of artistic expression for you.


We’re determined to put the ‘all’ into calligraphy. Because helping everyone experience the joys of calligraphy is our mission. We’re not a massive corporate conglomerate with bottomless ink wells to sell. We’re a small group of passionate calligraphy artists based in London who truly believe that calligraphy can make the world a better place. We don’t swear, but there is a phrase we all swear by: ‘If you believe in nothing else, believe in beauty.’


2020 has been a far from beautiful year, but it has given many time to reflect and refocus, perhaps try something new. Why not calligraphy for you? It adds beauty to blank pages.

Pleases the eye, engages the senses. Allows for artistic self-expression.


With this in mind, we’ve created a series of high quality, affordable calligraphy sets. Contents vary from pack-to-pack, but you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and style, whether you want subtle or flamboyant, a dip pen or quill, coloured inks or just good old black. All sets make great gifts for others or treats for yourself.


Why write everything on a screen in Arial, Times New Roman, or Avenir Next when your own hands possess the power to portray your own unique style, with a little help from Kalligraphy Pro.


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